"More beautiful than I could have imagined"

"More beautiful than I could have imagined"

The remote wilderness of the West Fjords has long been a source of enchantment. BBC journalist Katie Hammel travelled around Iceland last summer accompanied by her husband and has written a lovely travel piece on their journey in which they were particularly captivated by the West Fjords. More »

The two Icelandic climbers safe

The families of Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir and Ingólfur Axelsson have confirmed that they are safe following the news that an earthquake of 7,9 hit Nepal this morning. Kathmandu has been badly struck by the earthquake which occurred at 7 a.m, Icelandic time (11:41 Nepali time). More »

Uproar as artist dyes geysir pink

"This is not art, it's vandalism," said the spokesperson for the landowners of the Geysir area to mbl.is earlier today. Artist Marco Evaristii poured five litres of red fruit dye into the active Strokkur geysir without permission, an act not appreciated artistically by enraged Icelanders. More »

More prisoners than prison spaces

There are currently 489 people on the Directorate of Prisons list of those waiting to serve their sentence. Over half will need to serve a jail sentence, while Iceland has just 165 prison spaces. More »

Icelanders (almost!) happiest in the world

Iceland has come second in a ranking of the happiest countries in the world, according to this year’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) World Happiness Report. More »

Summer is cancelled!

Yesterday marked the official start of summer in the Icelandic calendar. But weather-wise, summer shows no sign of making an appearance, particularly for residents and visitors in Northern Iceland. More »

Chickens gassed if strike continues

Ongoing strike action by vets in Iceland is beginning to affect innocent animals and is harmful to animal welfare, according to the Director of the Southern Iceland Abattoir Association. More »

Iceland's most loved children's tale on stage

A poignant story of a little princess and a swan is a favourite with adults and children alike in Iceland. The story, written and illustrated by artist Muggur, was written for his young niece whilst on a sailing trip in the Mediterranean in 1921. On Saturday the story comes to life in the stunning Harpa concert hall performed by the Iceland Symphony, a girl's choir and a horde of ballet dancers. More »

Reykjavik air-pollution warning

Levels of PM-10 particle pollution in Reykjavik are likely to exceed acceptable public-health levels today. People are encouraged to keep an eye of air-quality levels over the next few days while dry conditions prevail. More »

Vet strike: dog deported or destroyed

An unexpected consequence of the industrial action currently affecting in Iceland is the deportation yesterday of a young chihuahua named Tutzy. More »

Green Icelandic energy to power UK

A group of British investors has announced plans to invest ISK 500 million (approx. €3.4 million) in a 1,000 km undersea cable linking the UK to Iceland. More »

Epic Kaupþing abuse trial begins

Today sees the start of the main court proceedings in the Kaupþing market manipulation case, the biggest case of this type in Iceland’s history. The trial is expected to take up to 22 days to complete. More »

Iceland to begin Dunkin’ Donuts

American doughnut and coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts has signed a franchise agreement to open sixteen outlets in Iceland over the next five years. More »

Two hikers rescued from a canyon

The Akranes search and rescue service rescued two hikers yesterday who had become trapped in the canyon of Glymsgil in Hvalfjörður, south Iceland. A fellow hiker called emergency services. More »

Down with that American flag!

The American flag flying outside American Bar in central Reykjavik has been described as “unacceptable” and “intolerable” by prominent Icelandic politicians. More »

Icelandic names for bars and restaurants!

A recent decision to rename a Selfoss (South Iceland) restaurant with an English name has caused some controversy.  More »

The poignant image of a two-year-old refugee

Among the refugees saved from a leaking wooden boat by Icelandic coast guard ship Týr on Monday is a two year-old boy. Over three hundred refugees were on the boat. The little boy had a cut to his head and sat quietly with a balloon in his hand while the crew dressed his wounds. The balloon was a gift from the crew. More »

The brothers got stuck in the waterfall

The two boys who were in the river accident in Hafnarfjörður yesterday afternoon are both in hospital in grave condition. One of them regained consciousness after CPR but the other is on a respirator and has not gained consciousness. The two boys, brothers, are aged 10 and 11 and got stuck in the waterfall that comes of the Reykdalsstífla dam. More »

Pirate Helgi Hrafn gets engaged in a remarkably cute way

Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson, MP for Iceland's Pirate Party received a most unusual marriage proposal from his girlfriend Inga Auðbjörg Kristjánsdóttir during the Easter holidays. The couple were at a Scout convention at Reineck castle in Germany when Kristjánsdóttir organised a flashmob dance. More »

Interview: The miracle boys who survived near-drowning

Brothers Einar Árni and Hilmir Gauti Bjarnason are true miracle boys. On April 14th they almost drowned in the Reykdalsstífla dam in Hafnarfjörður, a town forming part of greater Reykjavik. Today, only one week after an accident which at first looked to be a complete tragedy. Mbl.is journalist Ingileif Friðriksdóttir met them at the Hringur children's hospital where they were dashing down the corridors. More »

Propose ongoing duties for coastguard ship Týr

The Left Green Party will be making a proposal at parliament for the government to agree to increased funding to the Icelandic coast guard so that coast guard vessel Týr can continue its operations in the Meditteranean this summer. Týr has saved hundreds of migrants in recent months. More »

Good prospects for the little boy in river accident

The nine year-old boy who almost drowned with his brother at Reykdalsstífla in Hafnarfjörður last week is in good health according to information from the National University hospital and has been discharged from ER and is now at the Hringur children's hospital. According to mbl.is sources it's only a matter of days before he gets to go home. More »

Shat in a policeman's pocket

The Reykjavík metropolitan police received a phonecall about a bewildered pedestrian who got into trouble near the police station in Hafnarfjörður. The pedestrian turned out to be a goose which had become disoriented and was wandering around in the midst of traffic. More »

Climbs Everest a second time

Icelandic adventurer and mountaineer Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir, who walked solo to the South Pole in 2012, is now climbing up Mount Everest for the second time. She had to abandon her second attempt last year when 16 climbers were killed in an avalanche. Gissurardóttir admits that she finds this second climb a lot harder than the first. Icelander Ingólfur Axelsson is also climbing the mountain. More »

The younger brother has woken up

The Reykjavik metropolitan police have concluded their investigation of the terrible accident which occurred earlier this week when two boys almost drowned when caught in a waterfall in a river in Hafnarfjörður. The younger brother, aged 9, has woken up in hospital but his condition is still uncertain. More »

Iceland scores high in ICT

Iceland has placed 19th out of 143 countries in the 2015 Networked Readiness Index (NRI). This index is part of the 2015 Global Information Technology Report produced by the World Economic Forum. More »

Were possibly trying to retrieve a ball from the river

The two young brothers who ended up in the waterfall in Hafnarfjörður, a town next to Reykjavík, Iceland yesterday, were possibly trying to retrieve a ball that fell into the river according to police. A ball was retrieved in the water. Their eleven year old sister was the first to call for help. The younger brother, aged 10 is being kept under and is on a respirator. The older brother, aged 12 has been allowed to go home with his family. More »

Iceland's most luxurious hotel to open

A contract has been by the City of Reykjavik with US real estate firm Carpenter&Company; to raise a 250 room five star hotel in the empty building ground next to Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. Carpenter works with hotel chains such as Marriott, Four Seasons, Regis, Hyatt and Starwood. More »

Children in serious condition after river accident

Three children are being transported to hospital after a very serious accident in the stream behind Lækjarskóli school in Hafnarfjörður. More »

Iceland Eurovision entry in jeopardy?

An announcement issued by BHM this morning detailing the various effects of the lawyers’ strike on Icelandic society warns that “protracted strike action could jeopardise Iceland’s Eurovision participation”. More »


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