Ice cave to open next summer

Ice cave to open next summer

An ice cave being constructed in Langjökull glacier will open on June 1st 2015. The construction company, IceCave has published a video to give an idea of the experience. According to managing director of IceCave Sigurður Skarphéðinsson, "A human being feels very small standing inside it." More »

Stunning new images of the eruption

Renowned Morgunblaðið photographer Ragnar Axelsson captured new images of Holuhraun on November 26th. Although the intensity of the eruption has declined, activity is still very intense. More »

Increased terrorism risk

The Icelandic police force cannot overlook an increased risk of terrorism in Europe, especially from the Islamic State. According to Chief of Police, Jón Bjartmarz, this is the reason that the police force is making a report to the Minister of Justice for an increased need for weaponry. More »

Not the merriest season for all children

The Icelandic tradition of putting a shoe in the window from December 12th until Christmas to receive presents from the Yule lads can prove difficult for those with little funds to spend. In a lecture at the Icelandic Church Aid, social worker Vilborg Oddsdóttir explained that children often resort to lying about the presents they receive. More »

Rare duck species in Heiðmörk

A rare Hooded Merganserp has been spotted on the ponds of Heiðmörk, a nature reserve on the outskirts of Reykjavík. The bird, which is one of the most spectacular of North American ducks is notable for its flexible crest and the striking pattern formed on its head, breast and back. This is the fourth of this species to have been spotted in Iceland. More »

The street art of Reykjavík

Every city has its street art which often reflects its character just as much as its buildings, landmarks and people. The City of Reykjavík continues to wage a battle against graffiti but meanwhile, building contractors and individuals are happy to allow artists to portray their genius on buildings. Here is a photo gallery of some of the most prominent works of street art in the northernmost capital. More »

Rare complication of marijuana inhalation

The first Icelandic case of air within the spinal canal, pneumorrachis, was described at a medical conference in Iceland last weekend. The case is unique as it's the first time that air gets into the spinal canal due to a combination of smoking cannabis from a water pipe and an airplane flight. More »

Julien Blanc cancels Iceland trip

It seems that the workshop of controversial pick-up artist Julien Blanc has been cancelled. The workshop has been removed from website Real Social Dynamics. Over 11 thousand Icelanders signed a petition called "Stop Julien Blanc" in order to stop him from coming to Iceland and comic artist Hugleikur Dagsson made a novel suggestion that Icelandic men should hit on him upon his arrival. More »

Three hours of eruption in 32 seconds

The Icelandic met office published a timelapse video of the eruption in Holuhraun yesterday featuring three hours of footage from the eruption in a video that's 32 seconds long also starring the sun and the moon. More »

Volcano versus fighter plane

Pilots in the Czech army recently went on an air traffic control mission over Iceland. They shot this footage of a Saab JAS-39 fighter plane flying over the orange glow of the Holuhraun eruption. More »

Music teachers' strike resolved

Music teachers have signed a new contract following an all-night meeting with representatives of the association of municipalities. The strike has been resolved and music teaching will recommence after a five-week long strike. More »

Things that go hum in the night

The local newspaper of Akureyri, Akureyri Vikublað, reported last spring that a strange low frequency sound has been keeping people awake at night. The sound has returned and locals suspect everything from ghosts to the air conditioning system in a tunnel. More »

Icelandic team wins gold at culinary world cup

The Icelandic culinary team received the gold medal at the culinary world cup in Luxemburg last night. The team had six hours to prepare a three-course meal for judges and 110 guests. In a press announcement from team manger Hafliði Halldórson the win confirms the Icelandic culinary team as very strong. " We've put emphasis on using Icelandic ingredients such as lamb, cod, lobster, skyr and Icelandic vegetables. " More »

Rescue teams search for missing tourist

Police and rescue teams have been searching for Arkadiusz Pawel Maciag, who is on a visit to a friend in Iceland, since yesterday afternoon. Maciag, who is lost in the Reykjanes peninsula was reachable by phone yesterday. He could not state his location but said that he was cold and wet. Rescue teams believe he is alive due to data received by his mobile phone. More »

Salmon sold to Russia as Icelandic

Some 300 tons of farmed salmon have since October been exported to Russia from within the European Economic Area (EEA) under the pretext it was manufactured in Iceland. The export documents used were falsified. More »

Iceland's Coast Guard to the Mediterranean

The Icelandic Coast Guard vessel Týr left Reykjavík harbour on Thursday on her way to the Mediterranean Sea where she will carry out assignments for Frontex, the European Union's external borders agency. More »

Eruption in Holuhraun well visible

The fissure eruption in Holuhraun has been well visible on cameras throughout the last days and nights, no obvious changes in volcanic activity have been observed or reported by scientists in the field. More »

Siggi "The Hacker" admits guilty to all charges

The case against Siggi "The Hacker" has undergone a sharp turn-around. Siggi has decided to change his plea to "Guilty". Charges against him amount to thirty pages of embezzlement and fraud. More »

Climbs Mount Esja backwards

Icelandic mountaineer Vilborg Anna Gissurardóttir will be walking backwards up Mount Esja on December 11th wearing a Christmas jumper. Vilborg, who walked to the South Pole alone a couple of years ago, says she jumped at the challenge for Save the Children without thinking and expects the climb, walking backwards, to be fairly difficult. More »

Back to real Icelandic winter

According to the Icelandic met office, the weather is about to get quite a bit colder than it's been in this unusually warm month of November. Road conditions are icy and people are urged to take care when driving, cycling or walking in the early morning hours. More »

Christmas countdown

The weather hasn't exactly heralded the arrival of Christmas lately with its warm temperatures and lack of snow, but Reykjavík has donned its Christmas lights. During November and December when daylight in Iceland only lasts for a few hours, the Christmas lights bring cheer to the dark, snowless city. More »

Earthquake activity lower

Since 10 a.m yesterday on November 24th, around 70 earthquakes have been detected within Bárðarbunga. Most of the seismicity is occurring on the northern side of the volcano's caldera as on the day before. Of the 70 detected earthquakes, at least 11 are sourced from the northern part of the dyke intrusion under Dyngjujökull. More »

Icelandic film industry generates billions in turnover

The combined revenue of cinema, television and video production in Iceland was 10,5 billion Icelandic kronas in the first eight months of this year. This is a record for the industry which clearly shows that the sector is in rapid growth. More »

Man with hammer hit by two cars

During rush hour on Saturday afternoon a man was hit by two cars on Miklabraut, one of Reykjavík's busiest thoroughfares, not far from the shopping mall Kringlan. The man, who was under the influence according to witnesses, stood in the middle of the street swinging a big hammer. More »

Missing tourist found

Rescuers have found the body of missing tourist Pawel Maciag. He was found deceased close to a security fence surrounding Keflavik airport. More »

Man stabbed in central Reykjavík

A man is in critical condition after being stabbed last night. The stabbing occurred in Hverfisgata, central Reykjavík yesterday evening and four suspects are in police custody. They are believed to have known the victim. More »

Guardian readers vote for Iceland

Guardian readers have voted Iceland their favourite European country - "drawn by its epic vistas, otherworldly remoteness." The Guardian just published a selection of Instagram photos of Iceland by Siggeir Magnús Hafsteinsson who has 24,000 Instagram followers. More »

Sharp earthquake at Bárðarbunga

An earth­quake of 5,1 was mea­sured at 09:22 this morn­ing on the south­ern edge of the Bárðar­bunga caldera. This was the sharpest earthquake in the area since last Sunday, and the only one over 5 on the Richter scale. More »

Could rejoin the cabinet

Former Minister of the Interior Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir, who yesterday announced her resignation as a result of a leak from her ministry, could possibly rejoin the government later. This is reported by the Icelandic daily Morgunblaðið today. More »

Guns to be returned to Norway

The 250 MP5 submachine guns that the Icelandic Coast Guard got from the Norwegian military at the beginning of the year will be returned to Norway. This was the result of a meeting yesterday between the two parties according to a press release from the ICG. More »
  • Skrillex, Paul Kalkbrenner and TV on the Radio at Sonar Reykjavik

    Sonar Reykjavik has announced new additions to the line-up of its 2015 edition taking place in February. Legandary New York band TV On The Radio will be joining artists such as Skrillex, Paul Kalkbrenner, Samaris and Todd Terje. Meira »
  • The Nutcracker at Harpa myndasyrpa

    Tchaikovsky's famed bal­let, The Nut­cracker, was performed by the St.Pe­ters­burg Fes­ti­val Bal­let accompanied by the Ice­land Sym­phony Or­ches­tra at Harpa concert hall and conference centre this weekend. In­spired by ETA Hoff­man­n's short story, Tchaikovsky's Nut­cracker is un­doubt­edly one of the most pop­u­lar bal­lets of the past cen­tury and is regularly staged in the Christmas season around the world. Meira »
  • Happy fries and J-pop

    Iceland's Steinunn Eldflaug Harðardóttir, otherwise known as DJ Flugvél og Geimskip, went to Japan in the wake of Iceland Airwaves where she's currently participating in the Hokuo music fest and making J-pop with Japanese artists. She let us break into her I-phone to see what she's been up to. Meira »
  • New Icelandic opera receives rave reviews in Denmark

    Chamber opera "Babel" by Icelandic composer Steingrímur Rohloff has received excellent reviews in Danish media. Babel is based on a short story by Argentinian author Jorges Luis Borges and is about the library in Babel. Meira »
  • Fufanu, Samaris, Young Karin and more at Eurosonic

    The latest additions to Eurosonic 2015 in the Netherlands have been revealed and the festival is set to be quite a showcase for Iceland. Joining previously announced acts Low Roar, Kaleo, Kiasmos, Júníus Meyvant, Rökkurró, Samaris, Sóley and Vök are DJ. flugvél og geimskip, Fufanu, M-Band,Óbó, Skálmöld, Sólstafir, Tonik Ensemble, Ylja, Young Karin and Mammút will also be showcasing at Eurosonic Noorderslag. Meira »


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