Holuhraun lava-field seen from the air

Í gær, 15:20 The lava-field created by the Holuhraun eruption covers around 65 square kilometers. This video was taken from a small airplane, and shows the amazing size of the field. More »

Mysterious volcanic mist over the highlands myndasyrpa

Í gær, 14:04 A layer of mist made up of volcanic gases lay like a thick blanket over the Icelandic highlands yesterday. Mbl photographer Ragnar Axelsson captured these beautiful images near Vonarskarð in the direction of Vatnajökull in the highlands. More »

800 operations cancelled

Í gær, 13:25 A doctors' strike may mean that around 800 surgical procedures will be cancelled at the National University Hospital. No progress has yet been made in discussions between the Icelandic Medical Association (LÍ) negotiation committee and the State Negotiator. Doctors in Iceland are on strike until December 11th. More »

The beer in 10/11 is not beer!

Í gær, 11:28 Do not buy the beer in 10/11 because it's not beer. Heed these words of advice from Grísalappalísa, one of the brightest young stars on the Icelandic punk rock scene. (The supermarkets in Iceland sell non-alcoholic beer). In an interview with mbl.is they talked about their love of Can and Megas and reccommend a visit to the botanical gardens and a new vinyl store. More »

Pollution warning in Skagafjörður

Í gær, 10:32 Inhabitants of Skagafjörður, north Iceland have been advised to stay indoors, shut windows and turn up their central heating today. Children can go to school but will not be allowed to go out into the playground or to swimming classes. More »

Ordered into psychiatric custody

í fyrradag The Reykjavik District Court yesterday ordered a man into custody at the National Hospital psychiatric ward until November 27th. The man is suspected of killing his wife at their home in Breiðholt, Reykjavík, at the end of September. More »

Eruption featured on Nature.com

í fyrradag Nature, international weekly journal of science has just published a lengthy article on the Holuhraun eruption on their website. The article says that the record-setting amount of pollution has surprised even volcanologists in the middle of a major project funded by the European Union to understand the island’s fiery activity. More »

Pink Street Boys eat giant kebab

í fyrradag The loudest band in Iceland, Pink Street Boys, play in your face, stomach-kicking punk rock. To prove that the Pink Street Boys will last forever, they have of course got themselves some matching band tattoos. We spoke to them about bad gigs, got a sneak peek of their body art and watched them eat giant bacon kebabs. More »

Hospital for Teddy Bears

28.10. The association of medical students hosts the annual Teddy Bear Hospital on Sunday November 2nd at the Hringur children's hospital by the National Hospital in central Reykjavík. More »

Could you translate this?

28.10. Fifteen-year old kids taking their standard assessment English exam this autumn in northern Iceland seem to have had to translate a pretty complicated text in English to Icelandic. Amongst the words to translate were:ubiquitous, accomp­ani­ment, sedent­ary, so­lemn­ly, som­b­ereyed, lurching, post­modern/trans­modern, artifact, arm-drag, arrog­ance, and ploy. More »

Doctors in Iceland on strike

27.10. Doctors in Iceland have started a two-day strike to demand higher pay. This is the first time doctors have opted for going on strike, and are apparently not happy about it. More »

80 earthquakes around Bárðarbunga

26.10. Approximately 80 earthquakes have been detected around the Bárðarbunga caldera. Strongest events were 5.3 today at 05:48 on the southeastern caldera rim and 4.7 yesterday at 12:10 on the northern rim. More »

This is what the first Icelandic-made car looks like

24.10. The design of the first Icelandic car which is also the first car to be produced world wide for driving off-road in difficult conditions has now been revealed. Production of the car will begin once financing is complete. The car is especially designed for rescue teams and travel services. The name of the car is Ísar, plural of the word Ís ( Ice) and this particular model is named Ísar Torveg. More »

Prepared for Ebola

24.10. In the worst case scenario of an Ebola infected person arriving in Iceland, hospital staff are now being trained in how to put on protective clothing and glasses. A special Ebola team of 30 people has been set up at the National University Hospital. More »

Red fox in Þingvellir?

24.10. Fox and mink-hunter Reynir Bergsveinsson believes that a red fox is living in the Þingvellir national park, south Iceland. There are no red foxes in Iceland, only Arctic foxes which can only mean that someone smuggled the animal to the country and released it. More »

What did Reykjavík look like in 1926?

23.10. The following video offers a glimpse into life in Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland, in the year 1926. The video was shot by the American traveller, photographer and filmmaker Burton Holmes. More »

Iceland top Nordics in Fifa rankings

23.10. The football world has been turned on its head. When the Fifa World Ranking was published Thursday Iceland's national team was in place 28, ahead of the other Nordic countries for the first time. More »

Reykjavík receives environmental award

í fyrradag Reykjavík received the Nordic Council's nature and environment award for 2014 at a formal awards ceremony in Stockholm. A total of 350 Danish crowns were awarded for " excellent achievement in several sectors". More »

Arctic Circle Assembly this weekend

í fyrradag The second Arctic Circle Assembly will be held from October 31st to November 2nd in Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavík. The assembly is an international non-profit organisation designed to increase participation in dialogue on the area and strengthen international focus on the future of the Arctic. More »

Today's pollution forecast

í fyrradag The weather today in the capital is clear and sunny and winds are slow but variable. Pollution from the holuhraun eruption can therefore be expected to reach a large area of the country today. More »

Nordic Playlist hosts radio bar in Reykjavik

28.10. The specially curated Nordic Playlist will be located in Reykjavík during Iceland Airwaves. The website will host a bar on Laugavegur 91 where live music, live radio shows and a pop up bar will make for a cosy hang-out to discover Nordic music. More »

Skyr is the new yoghurt

28.10. How do New Yorkers prefer their yoghurt? Icelandic of course! According to a recent taste test in The Huffington Post, Icelandic skyr ranked higher than all-time New York favourite Greek yoghurt. More »

Lava-field vs. Land Rover

27.10. It is hard to fully understand just how colossal the Holuhraun lava-field has become. Covering an area of over 60 square kilometers, it is bigger than the entire land mass of Manhattan, so one can imagine just how big it is. More »

Increasing SO2 gas pollution

26.10. Increasing SO2 gas pollution is now being detected in Kirkjubæjarklaustur on the south coast of Iceland. Measurements show between 1400 and 3300 microgram per cubic meter. More »

Pollution to hit Reykjavík again

25.10. The Icelandic met office states that sulphor dioxide pollution from the Holuhraun eruption will be carried to the west and southwest of Iceland, including the capital area. More »

Deep shamanistic roots in Iceland

24.10. Sociologist Valgerður H.Bjarnadóttir teaches shamanism in Iceland and next week she hosts a special workshop focusing on the ancient shamanistic traditions of Iceland. She says that shamanism is alive in the world's indiginous cultures and a part of the Icelandic Norse and Celtic heritage. More »

The Gun Plot Thickens?

24.10. The debate over the Icelandic police force acquiring automatic weapons intensified yesterday when a Norwegian military spokesman stated that they were not free of charge as stated by Icelandic police, while adding that the actual number was 250 guns, not 150. The public and the media remain puzzled as to exactly is going on. More »

New hotel in Siglufjörður to open next summer

23.10. Picturesque Siglufjörður, in North Iceland will be priding itself of a new hotel which will formally open on June 1st. "We're already pretty booked for next summer and next autumn so we're very optimistic," says Finnur Yngvi Kristinsson, project manager at Rauðka in Siglufjörður. More »

Midnight Metal: Behind the scenes of the Sólstafir music video

23.10. American director Bowen Staines directed the new video for "Lágnætti" a song by Icelandic metal band Sólstafir this summer. The video is filmed in Kollafjörður in the west fjords of Iceland and features incredible scenery. More »

New feature film on Icelandic music premiered at Airwaves

23.10. A new documentary on the Icelandic music scene, titled Tónlist (music) will be premiered at Iceland Airwaves. The film, by Stephen Beven and Tim Boddy in association with the 405, "explores a deeper understanding of the Icelandic psyche" according to the filmmakers. More »

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