Public services not covered by TiSA

Public services not covered by TiSA

Iceland’s Foreign Minister, Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, indicated that Icelandic public authorities and basic public services would not fall under TiSA if Iceland were to sign up. More »

Mysterious vibrating suitcase reveals vibrator

The Suðurnes police were called to Keflavik International Airport because of a suitcase which was due to go on a flight to London. The bag vibrated suspiciously and police located its owner and opened it. More »

Centenarian thanks her genes

Ásta Bryndís Guðbjartsdóttir celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday surrounded by family and friends at the Nauthóll restaurant in Reykjavík. "I guess it's in my genes to be able to become such an old woman," she said to Life expectancy in Iceland is high with the longest male life expectancy in Iceland, Switzerland and Australia. More »

RECALL: Energy for You

The Food Board of the Reykjavik Public Health Authority has recalled the following products: Energy For You Nanoclu­st­ered Water and Way­back Water - Energy For You Nanoclu­st­ered Water. More »

Lower VAT on alcohol?

In 2014, the Icelandic Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs, Bjarni Benediktsson, set up a steering committee to work on proposals to simplify and improve Iceland’s VAT and excise-duty system. More » wins journalism award

The editorship of received the Icelandic Award for Best Journalism 2014 for their coverage of the extensive fire in Skeifan in July. The editors of dedicated the award to journalist Egill Ólafsson, who passed away suddenly in January and is greatly missed by his collegues. More »

Flight prices to rise

Flights to Copenhagen and Paris will be getting more considerably expensive than in recent weeks, while flights to Manchester and Boston will be getting cheaper, according to a price comparison survey carried out by Dohop More »

Food and culture at Harpa myndasyrpa

The Food and Fun festival and the artisanal food market took place in Harpa this weekend. The building bustled with people and performances by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra added a cultural ingredient to the culinary feast. More »

Vaping more popular than smoking

According to a new study by the Icelandic Centre for Social Research and Analysis (ICSRA), 17.1% of fifteen and sixteen-year-olds said they had tried e-cigarettes, while just 15% had tried real cigarettes. More »

Falling temperatures and snow on the way

The good weather enjoyed by residents and tourists of Reykjavik this weekend will not be lasting long, with snow forecast for Tuesday, then sleet through to Friday. More »

Strætó success

Strætó, the Icelandic bus company serving the Greater Reykjavik area, has posted a profit for the sixth year in a row.  More »

Food market at Harpa this weekend

Over 45 farmers, fishermen and specialist producers come together under the stunning roof of Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre today for Iceland's largest artisan food market. The market is on the ground floor and is open from 11 - 6 on Saturday and Sunday. More »

The eruption has come to an end

The volcanic eruption in Holuhraun, which began on August 31st 2014, has come to an end.  More »

A winter drive through Iceland

Malcolm Holmes, a car design manager living in Milton Keynes, England, drove around Iceland in the winter of 2014 in a Land Rover Defender. Amongst the hidden gems he encountered on his journey was an abandoned fish factory, the charming Krossnes swimming pool in the West Fjords and the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon. More »

Nursing-home shortages

An estimated 480-510 new nursing-home places will be needed by 2020. The most urgent needs are in the Greater Reykjavik area and in parts of Northern and Southern Iceland. More »

Iceland's top-bank trio post high profits

All three of Iceland's three biggest banks have posted healthy pre-tax profits for 2014. Landsbanki's figure of ISK 29.7 billion (approx. €199 million) takes the trio's total pre-tax profits to ISK 81.2 billion (approx. €544 million). More »

Morgunblaðið the wrong way round!

Readers of the paper version of Morgunblaðið may have had a moment of confusion over their breakfast this morning as they attempted to flick through today's edition. More »

Consumer prices on the rise again

Iceland’s consumer price index rose by 0.67% from January to February this year, or by 0.57% if housing is excluded.  More »

Facebook drug-dealing arrests

Reykjavik Metropolitan Police have in recent weeks have made up to 20 arrests and seized considerable quantities for drugs in operations to combat the sale of drugs on social media. More »

One of the world's greatest wonders myndasyrpa

Nearly three thousand tourists went on a northern lights trip with the companies Kynnisferðir and Grayline last night. They were lucky enough to witness an incredible display of light and colour in the cold March sky. More »

Tourists saved from drowning at dangerous beach

Tour guide Ægir Þór Þórsson encountered a couple of tourists at Djúpalónssandur beach in Snæfellsnes, West Iceland yesterday who had come close to drowning. "They were soaking wet and obviously in shock. A wave had caught them while they were standing at the beach and carried the woman out to sea. Fortunately her boyfriend was a good swimmer and works as a lifeguard in Spain. He managed to save her." More »

No crash fatalities for six months

Today marks six months of no deaths on Icelandic roads, the last fatal traffic accident having occurred on 28 August 2014.   More »

International Opal

Did you know that Opal, Iceland's classic sweet black-liquorice pastilles, were also popular in America and Russia?  More »

Icelandic humpback in the Caribbean

A humpback whale tagged with a satellite transmitter in the waters off Hrísey in Northern Iceland on 10 November 2014 is now, 110 days later, in the Caribbean. More »

Thumbs down for Eilithya

Iceland’s famous Naming Committee has rejected the girl’s name Eilithya, on the grounds that the spelling is not in accordance with general spelling rules in Iceland More »

Crazy storm filmed in West Fjords

Photographer and fisherman Arnþór Einarsson shot this video yesterday of the weather in Súgandafjörður in the West Fjords. As you can see, there's not much to see at all, with snow blowing in all directions. A typical glimpse of Icelandic winter weather, at least this winter which has been particularly stormy. More »

Public-transport pet petition

A petition has been launched urging the Icelandic bus company Strætó to begin allowing pets on their vehicles.  More »

Road over Hellisheiði closed

The no.1 road over Hellisheiði, leading between Reykjavik and Hveragerði has been closed. It is now impassable due to heavy snowfall and wind. Weather is also getting worse on Mosfellsheiði. Tomorrow there will be wind and snowfall in North and North East Iceland. More »

Emiliana Torrini at the Berlin x Reykjavík Festival

"In Berlin, there will be more focus on music from Reykjavik, and in Reykjavik, the focus will be more on music from Berlin. It's a jazz and electronic fusion festival," explains Pan Thorarensen, one of the organisers of the new Berlin x Reykjavik festival which takes place in Reykjavik from February 26th - 28th and in Berlin from March 5th to 7th. The festival in Reykjavik takes place at Kex Hostel and at Húrra and 23 bands altogether will perform. The highlight is undoubtedly Emiliana Torrini at Húrra on Saturday night. More »

No sign of the lost tourists

The search for the holidaymakers who sent an emergency message from Northern Iceland earlier this evening has so far been unsuccessful. The first rescue teams have arrived at the place where the people are thought to have been but there is as yet no sign of them. More »


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