Bared nipples in a Reykjavik pool

Bared nipples in a Reykjavik pool

A group of women organised a topless bathe in Laugardalslaug pool in Reykjavik last night. The women were there for a finale to the #FreeTheNipple day yesterday. Swimming topless is not banned in pools in Iceland but is not common. More »

Predicts 2.7% unemployment this summer

Iceland's Directorate of Labour expects the country's registered unemployment to sink to 2.7 percent compared to 3.6 percent in February. This is lower than the average percentage of 3.1 percent over the last 25 years according to Karl Sigurðsson, specialist at the DoL. More »

Everyone will pretend they're Pirates

"This is so typical when you have people who actually feel they are entitled to support. And all of the sudden they don't have it. So all of the sudden they come with these outrageous statements," says Richard Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish and first Pirate Party, to More »

A tidal wave of nipples sweeps Iceland myndasyrpa

Today is a #freethenipple day in Iceland, a day in which a feminist wave has swept the country. The day was particularly celebrated in Reykjavik's Universities and colleges and an endless amount of women tweeted their support, and their nipples, including an MP. Here's a look at the day in pictures in which women went braless or topless to show their support. More »

Benedetti in concert tonight - live broadcast

Violinist Nicola Benedetti will be performing tonight with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra in Harpa. Scottish-Italian Benedetti who has performed at the Last Night of the Proms and is under contract to Deutsche Grammophon will be playing Mozart's Violin Concerto no.5 and the concert will be broadcasted, for the first time on Síminn TV. More »

Iceland’s Islam converts

On Monday the YouTube channel ‘NewMan2015’ posted a video containing interviews with four Icelanders on their conversion to Islam and how it changed their lives. More »

Voting age reduced to 16?

Four MPs from the Social Democratic Alliance (‘Samfylkingin’) and the Left-Green Movement (‘Vinstrihreyfingin – Grænt framboð’) have moved a parliamentary bill proposing that voting age be reduced to sixteen. More »

Hot-dog inflation!

Bæjarins beztu pylsur (BBP), one of Iceland’s leading purveyors of the national snack, has announced a rise in prices due to recent changes in the Icelandic VAT system. The price of one ‘pylsa með öllu’ has risen by ISK 20 to a round ISK 400 (approx. €2.70). More »

The Icelandic nipple revolution gets international attention

The #freethenipple feminist revolution taking place on Twitter in Iceland is starting to make waves internationally. Buzz Feed has just published an article called Icelandic Women Come Together to Free The Nipple in Solidarity With a Feminist Teen. Numbers of Icelandic women are supporting the cause either by posting photographs of nipples on Twitter or by simply using the hashtag #freethenipple. More »

A member of Parliament “Frees the Nipple”

Björt Ólafsdóttir, MP for the Bright Future party participated in the “Free the Nipple” initiative today. Ms. Ólafsdóttir posted a photograph of her own nipple on Twitter with the comment “This is to feed children. Shove it up your patriarchy. #FreeTheNipple” More »

The genomic portrait of Iceland

Icelandic company deCODE genetics, a global leader in analyzing and understanding the human genome, today published four landmark papers built on whole-genome sequence data from more than 100,000 people from across Iceland. The studies, written by a team of deCODE scientists and which appear in the online edition of Nature Genetics, together present the most detailed portrait of a population yet assembled using the latest technology for reading DNA. TV spoke to founder and CEO Kári Stefánsson. More »

Icelandic Pirate Party affiliated with organized crime, MP says.

Vilhjálmur Bjarnason, member of Parliament for the center-right Independence Party in Iceland, said today in Parliament that the Icelandic Pirate party was affiliated with organized crime. More »

German airliner crashes in French Alps

An Airbus A320 airliner belonging to German low-cost airline Germanwings has reportedly crashed in the French Alps.  More »

A woman and two young children in serious road accident

A serious road accident occurred in Garðskagavegur on the Reykjanes peninusula, south Iceland last night when a car spun off the road and overturned. The driver, a woman in her twenties was caught underneath the vehicle and is seriously injured. Her two very young children escaped unharmed. More »

Beards - bacterial breeding-grounds!

Beards, ever-present in today’s hipster-saturated world and certainly all the rage in Iceland at the moment, are dirtier than toilet bowls. This is one of the findings of a British study on hair and scalp ailments. More »

The eclipse in 90 seconds

An astronomical telescope was set up on the top of the Morgunblaðið building in Reykjavik to follow this morning’s solar eclipse. This is a 90-second montage of the event. More »

Watch the eclipse NOW!

Live broadcast.  More »

Hey! What about Reykjavik?!

The cities of Stockholm and Copenhagen are locked in an online ding-dong battle for supremacy as “the true capital of Scandinavia”. More »

Icelandic graduates short-changed?

Iceland has come bottom of a list of 31 European countries measuring the average extra earnings of university graduates.   More »

The snow is back

Many Icelanders believed spring was in the air only to find a layer of snow outside this morning. The streets of Reykjavik are covered in snow and roads and pathways are slippery. The next few days will see showers of snow in between bright sunny spells. More »

Students free the nipple

University and high school students in Iceland will free their nipples tomorrow in support of a high school student who was mocked by a young man for having posted a picture online that showed her nipple. More »

Unwanted bikes wanted!

Today marks the start of the annual Save the Children Iceland bicycle collection, which is run in collaboration with ‘Youth’ (the IOGT children’s movement in Iceland) and the Icelandic Mountain Bike Club. More »

Local heroes save woman trapped underneath car

"It's really no big deal, we were just the right people at the right time," says Najd­an Ilievski, one of the two men who lifted a car off a woman caught underneath it in a serious road accident in Reykjanes last night. More »

Fewer children at risk of poverty

In 2014, one in ten children in Iceland lived in households classified as “at risk of poverty”, according to a new report by Statistics Iceland. The 2014 figure (10%) is 2.2 percentage points less than the previous year. More »

Wartime mine caught by trawler

Bomb experts from the National Coast Guard are currently in Neskaupsstaður in the east fjords awaiting trawler Bjartur TFNV carrying an unexploded mine. The mine, caught in the trawlers nets, is most likely British as it was caught in an area in which the British placed numerous mines in WW2. More »

Gnarr might run for Governor of Texas

Former Mayor of Reykjavík, Jón Gnarr, can finally actually be called Jón Gnarr. Jón Gnarr is actually called Jón Gunnar Kristinsson and changed it to Gnarr Kristinsson. Gnarr is rejected as a surname by the Icelandic naming committee. More »

Iceland - the place to be!

If this humourous collection of UK-based Twitter posts is to be believed, then we can all think ourselves lucky to have (finally!) to have been blessed with clear eclipse-viewing conditions here in Iceland. More »

Icelander wanted in the US

An Icelander, Alfreð Örn Clausen, is wanted by the San Bernadino District Attorney on suspicion of stealing 44 million USD through a fraudulent law firm. Clausen has proclaimed his innocence on RÚV national radio and says he is a possible witness, not a suspect. His lawyer has also sent a statement to the Icelandic press, proclaiming his innocence. More »

Solar eclipse glasses sold out

The certified solar eclipse glasses sold by the Seltjarnarnes astronomy society in the past few weeks are sold out both in Iceland and the rest of Europe. The society has tried to obtain a few thousand more to no avail. More »

Elves make compromise with Road Administration

A large and unusual rock will be moved today to make way for a new road in the municipality of Álftanes, close to Reykjavík. An announcement from the Icelandic Road Administration states that the rock will be placed by the side of the road close to similar rock formations."A pact between elves and men," explains clairvoyant Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir who wrote to the Mayor of Garðabær on behalf of the elves in 2012. More »


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