Pirates protest the disposal of City Hall furniture

Pirates protest the disposal of City Hall furniture

Members of the Pirate party will be protesting the disposal of furniture from the Reykjavik City Hall today by standing next to it. The furniture was recently discovered to be a replica of Cassini, a brand of italian furniture. Due to copyright laws the items, bought twenty years ago by the City of Reykjavík, have to be discarded. "A classic case of how our society today works. Copyright laws prevent furniture being put to good use and instead it has to be discarded." More »

A decent British chippy in Iceland!

A trio of Icelandic fish entrepreneurs have realised their dream of opening a traditional British fish-and-chip van in Reykjavik. ‘Fish and Chips’, located at Reykjavik port, began serving this weekend. More »

Beer garden to open in Reykjavik's financial district

June sees the opening of a beer garden at the brand new Fosshótel Reykjavik in Höfðatorg, central Reykjavik. The beer garden is the first of its kind in the city and will be offering a wide variety of beers from all around the world as well as gourmet hot dogs. More »

All fresh chicken and pork gone

“There is no fresh chicken or pork left at all. Stocks of fresh beef are also running low,” says Guðmundur Marteinsson, CEO of Icelandic low-cost supermarket Bónus. Ongoing strike action by State-employed vets has put a halt to slaughtering operations in Icelandic abattoirs. More »

The magic of remote Strandir captured by local students

There are only six pupils in Finnbogastaðir school in the Strandir area of the West Fjords, aged 6 to 14. When film maker and photographer Yrsa Roca Fann­berg offered the pupils a course in photography they all eagerly joined,as recreation during a long, tough winter is not abundant. More »

The long awaited sun shines on Reykjavik

Although weather in north and east Iceland is still pretty snowy, the weather in the capital has been gorgeous for the past few days with not a cloud in the sky. Temperatures are still fairly low but citizens are optimistic that spring, or even summer, might finally be here. More »

Fewer than 1 in 5 use public transport

Latest figures show that 17.8% of Iceland’s population regularly use public transport. Students and school-children are most likely to use public transport, with 32.5% saying they do so regularly. More »

Bird walk on Sunday

Fancy a walk through the lush Laugardalur botanical park on Sunday in, what is to be expected as pretty decent weather? Join the bird walk at eleven a.m which is free of charge accompanied by botanist and bird enthusiast Hannes Þór Hafsteinsson. More »

‘Geysergate’ – Icelanders are hypocrites!

“This is double standards. You Icelanders are a bunch of hypocrites,” says Marco Evaristti, in response to the negatives reactions he has received, including threats of violence and murder. More »

A big moment for autistic 12-year-old Lego champion

Last week, the Lego model of the Titanic built by Brynjar Karl Birgisson went on public display at Smáralind shopping mall in Reykjavik. 12-year-old Brynjar Karl is autistic and has spent nearly a year building the model using 52 thousand Lego cubes and his outstanding effort was reported on the Discovery channel recently. His mother explains to mbl.is that building the model has made a huge impact on his life. Formerly socially inept due to his condition, he had no friends at school, whereas now his social skills have improved and he has lots of good friends who accept him exactly as he is. More »

Iceland meat import rules illegal?

Iceland’s Supreme Court has ruled that national legislation on importing fresh meet from other European countries violates European Economic Area (EEA legislation). More »

More cold weather on the horizon

The weather forecast for the next week is for cold weather with temperatures below zero, at least in north Iceland. There is snow and ice on roads in north and east Iceland and in the West Fjords. More »

Iceland pledges Nepal quake aid

Icelandic Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, has pledged ISK 10 million (approx. €68,000) in humanitarian aid for the victims of yesterday’s earthquake in Nepal. More »

The two Icelandic climbers safe

The families of Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir and Ingólfur Axelsson have confirmed that they are safe following the news that an earthquake of 7,9 hit Nepal this morning. Kathmandu has been badly struck by the earthquake which occurred at 7 a.m, Icelandic time (11:41 Nepali time). More »

Icelanders (almost!) happiest in the world

Iceland has come second in a ranking of the happiest countries in the world, according to this year’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) World Happiness Report. More »

Reykjavik air-pollution warning

Levels of PM-10 particle pollution in Reykjavik are likely to exceed acceptable public-health levels today. People are encouraged to keep an eye of air-quality levels over the next few days while dry conditions prevail. More »

Vet strike: dog deported or destroyed

An unexpected consequence of the industrial action currently affecting in Iceland is the deportation yesterday of a young chihuahua named Tutzy. More »

Green Icelandic energy to power UK

A group of British investors has announced plans to invest ISK 500 million (approx. €3.4 million) in a 1,000 km undersea cable linking the UK to Iceland. More »

Epic Kaupþing abuse trial begins

Today sees the start of the main court proceedings in the Kaupþing market manipulation case, the biggest case of this type in Iceland’s history. The trial is expected to take up to 22 days to complete. More »

Life-saving air operations 50 today

Fifty years ago today, the Icelandic Coast Guard brought its first search-and-rescue helicopter into service. Since then ICG helicopters have saved some 3,000 lives. More »

Significant decline in Iceland press freedom

Iceland is one of four countries sharing seventh place in a new ranking of press freedom, but places among the countries with the biggest press-freedom declines in 2014. More »

Mowing the snow in the Icelandic summer

Summer is not making any sort of appearance yet in Iceland, nor is spring, and a video of two men mowing their lawn in a blizzard has become viral. More »

Geyser ‘vandal’ flees country

Marco Evaristti, the Chilean artist who controversially coloured the Strokkur geyser pink yesterday, has left Iceland without paying the fine he has been served. He has indicated to mbl.is that he intends instead to take the fine decision to court. More »

Artist refuses to pay fine

Marco Evaristti, the artist who poured five litres of food colouring into the Strokkur geysir on Friday morning and turned it pink has been fined 100 thousand kronas for disrupting the delicate balance of nature in the area. Evaristti has decided, after talking to Icelandic lawyers, not to pay the fine. More »

Uproar as artist dyes geysir pink

"This is not art, it's vandalism," said the spokesperson for the landowners of the Geysir area to mbl.is earlier today. Artist Marco Evaristii poured five litres of red fruit dye into the active Strokkur geysir without permission, an act not appreciated artistically by enraged Icelanders. More »

Summer is cancelled!

Yesterday marked the official start of summer in the Icelandic calendar. But weather-wise, summer shows no sign of making an appearance, particularly for residents and visitors in Northern Iceland. More »

Interview: The miracle boys who survived near-drowning

Brothers Einar Árni and Hilmir Gauti Bjarnason are true miracle boys. On April 14th they almost drowned in the Reykdalsstífla dam in Hafnarfjörður, a town forming part of greater Reykjavik. Today, only one week after an accident which at first looked to be a complete tragedy. Mbl.is journalist Ingileif Friðriksdóttir met them at the Hringur children's hospital where they were dashing down the corridors. More »

Propose ongoing duties for coastguard ship Týr

The Left Green Party will be making a proposal at parliament for the government to agree to increased funding to the Icelandic coast guard so that coast guard vessel Týr can continue its operations in the Meditteranean this summer. Týr has saved hundreds of migrants in recent months. More »

Good prospects for the little boy in river accident

The nine year-old boy who almost drowned with his brother at Reykdalsstífla in Hafnarfjörður last week is in good health according to information from the National University hospital and has been discharged from ER and is now at the Hringur children's hospital. According to mbl.is sources it's only a matter of days before he gets to go home. More »

Shat in a policeman's pocket

The Reykjavík metropolitan police received a phonecall about a bewildered pedestrian who got into trouble near the police station in Hafnarfjörður. The pedestrian turned out to be a goose which had become disoriented and was wandering around in the midst of traffic. More »


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