National Geographic publishes article on the eruption

National Geographic publishes article on the eruption

í fyrradag Leading magazine The National Geographic published images and an article on the eruption in Holuhraun on their website. The article states that the lava flow will "soon be larger than any seen for more than two centuries in the volcanically active island nation." "At this rate, the lava flow will soon be larger than any seen for more than two centuries in the volcanically active island nation. And there's no telling when it will stop—months, maybe, or years." More »

Hvalfjörður tunnel closed for repair until Monday

í fyrradag Travellers around Iceland this weekend are advised that the Hvalfjörður tunnel is closed for repair this weekend. The tunnel, which cuts the distance from Mount Esja and Akranes by about an hour, reopens at 6.a.m on Monday morning. More »

Icelandic waterfall adorns Apple homepage

17.10. Skógarfoss, a majestic waterfall in south Iceland is displayed on the screen of the new iMac on the Apple website.   More »

Baker gives birthday cakes to families in need

17.10. Head baker Ragnheidur Gudmundsdóttir offers cakes to families in need. " I wanted to some good," she explains and the cakes are mostly children's birthday cakes and parties, or simply just to make children happy. "This may not be much, but it makes a difference for people who simply can't affort to throw birthday parties for their children." More »

Ebola response team prepared

17.10. "People are of course worried about the risk and also the insurances and risk premiums available in case of possible infection," explains Cecile Björgvinsdóttir, a registered nurse and rights department manager of the Icelandic Association of Nurses. A response team is being prepared with around 25 doctors and nurses in the possibility of an Ebola infected person arriving in Iceland. More »

Acid rain may fall

16.10. The first acid rain may soon be expected since the start of the eruption in Holuhraun, says Sara Barsotti at the Icelandic Meterological Institute. Water samples from around the country are regularly taken and measured. So far, no acid rain has been measured since the beginning of the eruption. More »

Attracting tourists to Iceland all year round

16.10. Inspired by Iceland has launched another Share the Secret marketing campaign, with the one last year winning a Skiftie award. In the video, 100 thousand Iceland fans planned a dream trip for one traveller chosen from 4500 applicants. The lucky traveller was Jennfer Asmundsson, a chef from the US who traces her origins back to Iceland. "My grandfather moved to the States when he was young and he told me lots of stories about Icealnd when I was a kid," she explains," and added that the trip was an incredible opportunity. More »

New proposal for sports stadium

16.10. The Icelandic Football Association has presented designs of a new national stadium in Laugardalur, Reykjavík which would seat at least 15 thousand people. More »

Minister of Health admits to having taken illegal drugs

16.10. Icelandic Minister of Health, Kristján Þór Júlíusson admitted to having taken both legal and illegal drugs in an interview with a new programme on RÚV national television last night, Hæpið, aimed at teenagers. More »

Best photo of Holuhraun yet?

15.10. A recent photograph by NASA of the Holuhraun lava field is considered the best photo of the eruption yet says volcanologist Haraldur Sigurðsson. More »

Volcanologist predicts end of eruption in March

15.10. Icelandic volcanologist Haraldur Sigurdsson has used mathematical research, together with his grandson Gabríel Sölvi to predict that the eruption in Holuhraun will end in March. This is the first time that mathematical research has been used in this way. More »

This is what you get for 248 kronas

15.10. The new gov­ern­ment bill on VAT which con­cludes that each meal for a fam­ily of four costs 248 ISK per day (1,62 Eu­ros or 2,04 USD) has raised some questionmarks, and eyebrows, in Iceland where food is definitely not cheap. This trending video shows you what you can buy for this amount. More »

The Polish love Icelandic soccer

14.10. The victory for Iceland against the Netherlands last night in the Euro 2016 qualifications was not only celebrated in Icelandic homes, but also in Polish ones. The Icelandic national team has an unusually large group of Polish fans- over 3000 people. More »

Sulphur dioxide pollution on the rise today

14.10. In the last couple of hours the amount of sulphur dioxide has risen in the capital area. At the outskirts of Reykjavik the measurement is 200 μg/​m3. Air quality is considered good until it reaches 300 μg/​m3. People with respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis are advised to keep their medication close at hand. More »

Iceland edition of Glamour magazine on the way

14.10. "It's a dream come true for me to develop a magazine accompanied by experienced people in the field," says Álfrún Pálsdóttir who will become the first editor of the Icelandic editon of Condé-Nast publication Glamour which is also the first international fashion magazine published in the country. More »

Flights over the eruption popular with tourists

14.10. How much does a flight over Holuhraun cost?  More »

Icelandic victory in Laugardalur tonight myndasyrpa

13.10. Iceland has nine points in Group A for Euro 2016 after victory against the Netherlands tonight. The team sits alongside the Czech Republic who also has 100% record. Both goals were scored by Gylfi Sigurdsson. More »

Rivers of lava- stunning new shots of the eruption

17.10. The eruption in Holuhraun has subsided somewhat. Pollution from poison gases is now the largest problem arising from the eruption. There is still considerable seismic activity in the Bardarbunga crater, with quakes coming at frequent intervals and ending in a large quake. More »

Pirate Bay to be blocked in Iceland?

16.10. The Reykjavik District Court has made a ruling that Vodafone and Hringdu should block access to Icelandic torrent site and one of the largest torrent websites in the world, Pirate Bay. The websites to be blocked are,, www.thepira­, www. thepira­ and the This ruling has now been passed to the district magistrate in Reykjavík. More »

Unemployment in Iceland 3.0 percent

16.10. The total unemployment in Iceland in September was 3.0 percent according to fresh numbers from the Directorate of Labour down from 3.1 percent the month before. Total number of unemployed was 5,029 people. More »

Wedding reception at hot-dog stand

16.10. Couples celebrate their wedding wows in endless original ways but a reception at Bæjarins Bestu, Reykjavík's famed hot-dog stand in the city centre must be one of the more unusual ones in Iceland. More »

The Eruption: Latest Facts

16.10. The Scientific Advisory Board of the Icelandic Civil Protection just released new facts about what exactly is going on in Holuhraun. More »

Sulphur dioxide pollution in Þórshöfn

15.10. Residents of Þórshöfn, a small fishing village in northeast Iceland are experiencing some effects of a lot of sulphur dioxide pollution in the area. Pollution has been high in the area for the past few days with today being the worst. More »

Autistic boy builds a 6-metre long Lego Titanic

15.10. Eleven-year old Brynj­ar Karl Birg­is­son has been busy for the last couple of months constructing a 6,33 metre long Titanic from of Lego-cubes. Brynjar, who is diagnosed with autism, decided to build the Titanic as it was a beautiful, large and fast ship. He spends several hours each day on the lego model. More »

"I just might run for Governor of Texas"

15.10. Former Mayor of Reykjavík Jón Gnarr is to be Rice University’s Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences (CENHS) Writer-in-Residence during Spring Semester 2015 and will be moving with his family to Texas. Gnarr will write a book on his mayoral experiences on campus. More »

Icelandic artists exhibited at New York's Scandinavia House

14.10. The exhibition ICELAND: Artists Respond to Place opened last Friday at the Scandinavia House:Nordic Centre in New York. It is the first exhibition in the United States to focus exclusively on contemporary Icelandic artists and their relationship to the singular geography of their country. More »

Icelandic pharmaceutical company Alvogen receives two awards.

14.10. Alvogen, an Icelandic pharmaceutical company based in 35 countries, has won two awards at CPhI, the largest international pharmaceutical conference in the world. Generics Bulletin, the leading newsletter for the generic industry, awarded Alvogen with Company of the Year in the USA and Business Development Project of the Year in Europe for the marketing of biotechnological drug Inflectra. More »

We can't feed people on porridge alone

14.10. "I think a family meal costs a lost more. We can't feed people on porridge alone," says Margrét Sigfúsdóttir, principal of Hússtjórnarskóli Reykjavikur (the Reykjavík college of domestic management) when asked by about the new government bill on VAT which concludes that each meal for a family of four costs 248 ISK per day (1,62 Euros or 2,04 USD). More »

First pagan "hof" in 900 years?

14.10. Members of the Asatru society are hopeful that construction will commence soon on the building of a "hof" or a temple building in Reykjavik. The building has already been designed by architect Magnús Jensson but a building licence has not yet been awarded due to several remarks and changes to the design, according to the "godi" (goth - high priest of the society), Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, who is also a well known Icelandic composer. More »

MP says suspending domain was wrong

13.10. Suspending the Icelandic domain name, linked to the terrorist organisation Islamic State, was wrong according to Pirate Party MP Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson. The decision was taken yesterday by ISNIC, the company responsible for registering .is domain names, claiming the usage of the domain name violated Icelandic laws. More »

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