An eruption has started north of Dyngjujökull

The eruption from webcam 2

The eruption from webcam 2 Míla

An eruption has started near Bárðarbunga. The Met Office has confirmed this. The eruption is an lava eruption.

A fissure has started north of Dyngjujökull, in Holuhraun. The eruption has been confirmed by scientists in the field. The rather small lowfrequency tremor suggests the eruption is located outside the glacier.

The crater is believed to be a 1 kilometer long rift bearing NA-SV. No jökulhlaup has been detected; the eruption is not sub-glacial.

At the moment the fissure is estimated to be around 100 meters long. ISAVIA the Icelandic Air Traffic and Control has closed the area above the eruption for all air traffic.

An eruption started in Holuhraun north of Dyngjujökull at around 00:02. Seismic tremor was observed on all seismic stations and the web camera installed in the area by Mila has showed some nice pictures of the eruption. It is a small fissure eruption and at 02:40 AM the activity appears to have decreased.

 Scientists who are in the area close to the eruption estimate that the volcanic fissure in Holuhraun North of Dyngjujokull (which is a North part of Vatnajokull) is about 1 km long. 

More to follow...

Webcam 1

Webcam 2

A map of the Vatnajökull area.

A map of the Vatnajökull area.

Skjáskot af vef Mílu

Skjáskot af vef Mílu

Gosstöðvarnar sjást vel á vefmyndavél Mílu.

Gosstöðvarnar sjást vel á vefmyndavél Mílu. Úr vefmyndavél Mílu

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Road over Hellisheiði closed

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Police scaremongering?

The recent report issued by the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police indicating an increased terror threat in Iceland was discussed in parliament (‘Alþingi’) today. Meira »

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Abolishing domestic-flight fees not the answer

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Emiliana Torrini at the Berlin x Reykjavík Festival

"In Berlin, there will be more focus on music from Reykjavik, and in Reykjavik, the focus will be more on music from Berlin. It's a jazz and electronic fusion festival," explains Pan Thorarensen, one of the organisers of the new Berlin x Reykjavik festival which takes place in Reykjavik from February 26th - 28th and in Berlin from March 5th to 7th. The festival in Reykjavik takes place at Kex Hostel and at Húrra and 23 bands altogether will perform. The highlight is undoubtedly Emiliana Torrini at Húrra on Saturday night. Meira »

Facebook drug-dealing arrests

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An extra ISK 150 million for road repairs

The Environment and Planning Department of the City of Reykjavik has approved a recommendation to the City Council to increase expenditure on road repairs by ISK 150 million (approx. €1 million). Meira »

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Stormy weather for West Fjords today

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Bill to decriminalise blasphemy in Iceland

A parliamentary bill proposing an amendment to decriminalise blasphemy in Iceland is currently being commented upon.  Meira »

Found safe and sound

The three tourists reported missing by yesterday evening having been found safe and sound.  Meira »

No sign of the lost tourists

The search for the holidaymakers who sent an emergency message from Northern Iceland earlier this evening has so far been unsuccessful. The first rescue teams have arrived at the place where the people are thought to have been but there is as yet no sign of them. Meira »

Children should choose their religion

The Pirate Party has submitted a parliamentary bill proposing a halt to the practice of children being automatically registered in religious organisations, allowing them instead to register themselves when they reach the age of thirteen. Meira »

Putting the clocks back

A group of 11 MPs, from all parliamentary parties, has tabled a proposal to put the clocks in Iceland back by one hour. The proposal is now on the agenda of the relevant parliamentary committee. Meira »

Tourists slip slidin' away

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Ten years old with a passion for food

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Straight-talking on the EU

Guðlaug­ur Þór Þórðar­son MP has praised Róbert Marshall MP for for openly stating in parliament last week that he would like to see Iceland join the European Union. According to Þórðarson, straight-talking of this kind must be the basis of any constructive and informed debate on the subject. Meira »

Currency restrictions lead to low-income jobs

A PwC report on how senior management in Iceland and abroad sees the future and the challenges to be faced was the subject of a panel discussion in Reykjavik this morning. Meira »

Who goes to fight for Islamic State?

A report published by the Research Department of the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police shed some light on the profile of those leaving Nordic countries to fight in Syria and Iraq. Meira »

Man on probation caught with child pornography

A 59-year-old man has been sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for possession of child pornography and offences under firearms legislation. The accused was on probation for sexual offences against an young boy with developmental disabilities. Meira »

Leave badly equipped cars at home

People in Reykjavík are urged to use public transport today and leave inadequately equipped cars at home so as not to add to traffic problems. There's currently heavy snowfall and wind in the city. Meira »

Avalanche warning in Patreksfjörður

The decision has been taken to evacuate a number of apartment blocks in Patreksfjörður, in North-West Iceland, due to the risk of avalanches in the area. The situation is being investigated and more evacuations may follow. Meira »

E-mail scam targets bank customers

Many people in Iceland have been receiving e-mails made to look as if they have been sent by Icelandic banks. The link given in the e-mail often contains a virus. Meira »

Most Permanent Secretaries now women

The appointment of Sig­ríður Auður Arnardóttir as Permanent Secretary means that, for the first time ever, a majority of Permanent Secretaries to Icelandic ministries are women. Meira »

See the weather live

The storm that is hitting Iceland today can be seen live on the website People are especially warned of strong winds on Reykjanesbraut today which is the road to and from the international airport. Meira »

Hospital still under pressure

The National University Hospital of Iceland (known in Icelandic as ‘Landspítali’) is still under heavy pressure following the arrival of many patients in recent days suffering from flu and those involved in accidents caused by recent icy conditions. Meira »

Icelandic banks post healthy profits

Both Arion Bank and Íslandsbanki have posted healthy pre-tax profits for 2014, equalling or bettering their 2013 performance. Meira »

All domestic flights cancelled

Both Ernir and Air Iceland have cancelled all domestic flights scheduled for today, due to current weather conditions.   Meira »

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