Whaling 'directed at abundant stocks'

Whaling 'directed at abundant stocks'

14:49 Whaling in Icelandic waters is sustainable, directed only at abundant whale stocks and is in accordance with international laws. This is stressed in a statement from the government of Iceland. More »

Snow falling on Holuhraun

í fyrradag Snow covers the ground around the volcanic eruption in Holuhraun which is still ongoing and has been for almost a month. Tomorrow one month exactly has passed since the eruption started. More »

Lava still flowing northwards

27.9. Seismic activity continues at a similar rate at Bárðarbunga and nothern part of dyke. For the last 24 hours, six events of magnitude larger than 3 have occurred, largest ones at northern Bárðarbunga yesterday afternoon M5.2 and at 02:00 this morning M5.1. More »

137 fin whales caught

26.9. Total of 137 fin whales were caught by Icelandic whalers this season which has now come to an end. The whalers Hvalur 8 and Hvalur 9 each caught two whales last Monday in their last hunting trip. Bad weathers marked the hunting season. More »

Holuhraun pollution in Paris

26.9. Pollution from the Holuhraun eruption travelled as far as Paris this week. Paris mayor Anna Hidalgo petitioned the French government to limit traffic in the city, citing among other things an increase in air pollution because of the eruption. More »

Beijing appoints new ambassador

25.9. China has appointed new ambassador to Iceland. The new Chinese envoy, Zhang Weidong, is former ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia. He replaces Ma Jisheng who left Iceland suddenly in the beginning of this year. More »

10 earthquakes in Bárðarbunga

25.9. Since midnight 10 earthquakes have been automatically detected in Bárðarbunga and the same number of events in the dyke under northern part of Dyngjujökull. More »

Icelandic men leading the HeForShe charts

24.9. Icelandic men are currently leading the charge for gender equality, at least according to stats for "HeForShe", a UN initiative spearheaded by actress Emma Watson. More »

Economic growth 3.5 percent last year

23.9. Economic growth in Iceland was 3.5 percent in 2013 according to revised annual national accounts for that year. More growth has not been recorded since 2007 or before the global economic crisis. More »

Iceland's international airport a terrible place to sleep

22.9. Keflavík International Airport, pretty much the only way in and out of Iceland, is apparently a terrible place to sleep. According to the website Sleeping in Airports, if waking airport sleepers was a sport, the security guards at the airport would all be covered in medals. More »

Earth still trembling at Bardarbunga

21.9. Automatically detected events are around 30 since midnight, most of them around northwestern Vatnajökull.  More »

Lava-field the size of Manhattan

19.9. Just how big is the lava-field in Holuhraun? The size of 10 football fields? 100? Try something closer to the island of Manhattan. Here are some maps that put the Holuhraun lava-field in proportion. More »

Call for a contiguous zone around Iceland

18.9. Five government MPs have tabled a bill in Iceland's parliament paving the way for the country to claim a contiguous zone within its exclusive economic zone in accordance with Article 33 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. More »

"This is only the beginning"

17.9. The volcanic eruption in Holuhraun is just the beginning. The eruption is currently abating but a huge amount of magma is still below the area waiting to reach the surface according to volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson. More »

Forty earthquakes since midnight

17.9. The largest earthquakes recorded in Bárðarbunga since 7pm yesterday occurred in the evening. A magnitude 4.8 earthquake occurred at 20:20 and a 5.4 earthquake at 21:34. More »

Around 50 earthquakes

16.9. About 50 earthquakes have occurred since midnight. The largest were within magnitude three, sourced at the rim of Bárðarbunga. More »

Eruption continues at Holuhraun

15.9. Eruption continues at Holuhraun. No major changes are observed in the seismicity  More »

No visible changes in eruption at Holuhraun

26.9. Since midnight ten events have been automatically located in Bárðabunga and ten in the dyke (beneath northern Dyngjujökull). This is a similar rate as observed yesterday morning. More »

A surprise stopover in Iceland

25.9. Kat had no idea she was about to be stopped at the airport and taken on the journey of a lifetime in Iceland. „The video is a starting point for our new campaign, #MyStopover. It is all about promoting Icelandair, our brand and our unique position internationally," says PR spokesman. More »

MPs want free trade with Japan

24.9. Lawmakers from four political parties represented in Iceland's parliament have tabled a resolution urging the government to start preparations for free trade talks with Japan. The MPs point to the Japanese government's emphasis on negotiating further free trade agreements with other countries. More »

Volcanic activity in Holuhraun stable

24.9. Seismic activity around Bárðarbunga is unchanged compared to recent days. The volcanic activity at the eruption site appears to be stable, based on webcam observations. More »

Around 20 earthquakes from midnight

23.9. Seismic activity around Bárðarbunga is unchanged compared to recent days. Around 20 earthquakes have been automatically detected on the Bárðarbunga caldera rim More »

Icelandic police gone viral

21.9. The Reykjavik Police Instagram-account has gone viral. Starting in Russia and spreading through countries all over the world, such as China, Canada, Australia, South-Africa, America, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Finland, UK, Indonesia and more. More »

65 earthquakes since midnight

20.9. Since midnight about 65 earthquakes have been detected at the Bardarbunga caldera and similar number at the northern part of the dyke. The largest earthquakes were at the northern rim of the Bardarbungu caldera at 01:10 with magnitude 5.1 and at 17:11 with magnitude 5. More »

Magnitude 4.7 earthquake at Bárðarbunga

19.9. Earthquake with magnitude 4.7 occurred shortly before 7pm this morning at the northeastern rim of the Bardarbunga caldera accroding to information from the Icelandic Met office. Since midnight only four earthquakes have been recorded at the Bardarbunga caldera. More »

Tremours at Bárðarbunga

18.9. From midnight 13 earthquakes have been detected in Bárðarbunga in northern Vatnajökull glacier. About 27 in the northern part of the dyke and around 20 by mountain Herðubreið and Herðubreiðartögl. All below magnitude 2.0. More »

Mud-geysers heating up in Iceland

17.9. The powers at play under Iceland don't seem to be satisfied with just getting the limelight in Holuhraun and around Bárðarbunga. On Monday, a mud-geyser named Gunnuhver showed a sharp increase in activity. More »

An eruption in the sands a best case scenario myndasyrpa

16.9. Volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson says that the Holuhraun eruption is abating. That, however, does not mean that the seismic and volcanic activity in and around Bárðarbunga is over. He hopes that when another crater or rift opens up, it will be in the sands, like the one in Holuhraun. More »

Demarche against whaling by Iceland

15.9. The EU and the governments of the United States, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Monaco and New-Zealand, declare their opposition to the fact that the Icelandic government still permits whaling. More »

Earthquakes starting to go down in numbers

14.9. Seismic activity is similar to what it has been in the past days but earthquakes are starting to go down in numbers and magnitude. Over 60 earthquakes have been detected since midnight. Most of them have been by Bárðarbunga and the dyke under Dyngjujökull. More »

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