An eruption has started north of Dyngjujökull

The eruption from webcam 2

The eruption from webcam 2 Míla

An eruption has started near Bárðarbunga. The Met Office has confirmed this. The eruption is an lava eruption.

A fissure has started north of Dyngjujökull, in Holuhraun. The eruption has been confirmed by scientists in the field. The rather small lowfrequency tremor suggests the eruption is located outside the glacier.

The crater is believed to be a 1 kilometer long rift bearing NA-SV. No jökulhlaup has been detected; the eruption is not sub-glacial.

At the moment the fissure is estimated to be around 100 meters long. ISAVIA the Icelandic Air Traffic and Control has closed the area above the eruption for all air traffic.

An eruption started in Holuhraun north of Dyngjujökull at around 00:02. Seismic tremor was observed on all seismic stations and the web camera installed in the area by Mila has showed some nice pictures of the eruption. It is a small fissure eruption and at 02:40 AM the activity appears to have decreased.

 Scientists who are in the area close to the eruption estimate that the volcanic fissure in Holuhraun North of Dyngjujokull (which is a North part of Vatnajokull) is about 1 km long. 

More to follow...

Webcam 1

Webcam 2

A map of the Vatnajökull area.

A map of the Vatnajökull area.

Skjáskot af vef Mílu

Skjáskot af vef Mílu

Gosstöðvarnar sjást vel á vefmyndavél Mílu.

Gosstöðvarnar sjást vel á vefmyndavél Mílu. Úr vefmyndavél Mílu

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Lava-field the size of Manhattan

14:51 Just how big is the lava-field in Holuhraun? The size of 10 football fields? 100? Try something closer to the island of Manhattan. Here are some maps that put the Holuhraun lava-field in proportion. Meira »

Magnitude 4.7 earthquake at Bárðarbunga

09:55 Earthquake with magnitude 4.7 occurred shortly before 7pm this morning at the northeastern rim of the Bardarbunga caldera accroding to information from the Icelandic Met office. Since midnight only four earthquakes have been recorded at the Bardarbunga caldera. Meira »

Call for a contiguous zone around Iceland

Í gær, 21:42 Five government MPs have tabled a bill in Iceland's parliament paving the way for the country to claim a contiguous zone in accordance with Article 33 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Meira »

Tremours at Bárðarbunga

í gær From midnight 13 earthquakes have been detected in Bárðarbunga in northern Vatnajökull glacier. About 27 in the northern part of the dyke and around 20 by mountain Herðubreið and Herðubreiðartögl. All below magnitude 2.0. Meira »

"This is only the beginning"

17.9. The volcanic eruption in Holuhraun is just the beginning. The eruption is currently abating but a huge amount of magma is still below the area waiting to reach the surface according to volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson. Meira »

Mud-geysers heating up in Iceland

17.9. The powers at play under Iceland don't seem to be satisfied with just getting the limelight in Holuhraun and around Bárðarbunga. On Monday, a mud-geyser named Gunnuhver showed a sharp increase in activity. Meira »

An eruption in the sands a best case scenario myndasyrpa

16.9. Volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson says that the Holuhraun eruption is abating. That, however, does not mean that the seismic and volcanic activity in and around Bárðarbunga is over. He hopes that when another crater or rift opens up, it will be in the sands, like the one in Holuhraun. Meira »

Forty earthquakes since midnight

17.9. The largest earthquakes recorded in Bárðarbunga since 7pm yesterday occurred in the evening. A magnitude 4.8 earthquake occurred at 20:20 and a 5.4 earthquake at 21:34. Meira »

Around 50 earthquakes

16.9. About 50 earthquakes have occurred since midnight. The largest were within magnitude three, sourced at the rim of Bárðarbunga. Meira »

Demarche against whaling by Iceland

15.9. The EU and the governments of the United States, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Monaco and New-Zealand, declare their opposition to the fact that the Icelandic government still permits whaling. Meira »

Eruption continues at Holuhraun

15.9. Eruption continues at Holuhraun. No major changes are observed in the seismicity  Meira »

Earthquakes starting to go down in numbers

14.9. Seismic activity is similar to what it has been in the past days but earthquakes are starting to go down in numbers and magnitude. Over 60 earthquakes have been detected since midnight. Most of them have been by Bárðarbunga and the dyke under Dyngjujökull. Meira »

Thirty earthquakes since midnight

12.9. No changes have been observed since midnight. Thirty earthquakes have been recorded, mostly located in the dyke under Dyngjujökull and at the eruption site, and at the northern rim of Bárðarbunga. Meira »

The most dangerous place in Iceland myndasyrpa

11.9. For some reason, a few people seem to think that the closings around Holuhraun don't apply to them. People without proper papers from the authorities, which are issued to e.g. scientists and journalist, have been arrested around the Holuhraun eruption. Meira »

Eruption is still ongoing myndasyrpa

11.9. Earthquake activity is continuing in Bárðarbunga and in the northern part of the dike intrusion. Eruption is still ongoing in Holuhraun. Meira »

Aims to withdraw the EU application

11.9. Withdrawing Iceland's application to join the European Union is one of the issues that the government aims to get through parliament this winter. Meira »

Success noticed internationally

11.9. The economic situation in Iceland and the progress that has been achieved formed a significant part of Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson's policy address to the country's parliament yesterday evening. Meira »

“On the brink of a revolution”

10.9. Björk's new project, Björk: Biophilia live, is a concert film by Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland that captures the human element of Björk's multi-disciplinary multimedia project, Biophilia. Meira »

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