The Bunker: How the hell did we end up here?

The Bunker: How the hell did we end up here?

The Bunker is a podcast about people and their stories. Almar Hilmarsson, aka the Midlifecrisiswarrior talks to fascinating people about where they come from, what they do, and how the hell they ended up where they are now. They tell us how they overcome challenges, why they made the choices they made, and how they somehow moved from one place in life to another. Every person is a universe, and in The Bunker you never know what’s coming.Almar originally wanted to have a podcast where he could talk but soon found out that the people he knew and where part of his network were more inspiring and interesting than his own ramblings. So he swallowed his pride and decided to bring you their stories instead of his own.The Bunker is recorded in Prague in the Czech Republic. Almar is a Lawyer by education but has dedicated his career to business since young age. He loves music, food and sports. He has a very patient girlfriend and a manipulative Australian shepherd dog.

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