The Bla Bla Bunker

The Bla Bla Bunker

Welcome to The Bla Bla Bunker, a podcast featuring interviews with regular people who have extraordinary stories to tell. The host, Almar Hilmarsson, is one of them. In 25 years he’s gone from Icelandic lawyer and airline CEO to tattooed, bearded meat enthusiast with a startup in Central Europe. On the way, he’s made plenty of stops, and cultivated a habit of running into interesting people and asking them interesting questions. Nothing is off limits in the Bla Bla Bunker, and Almar may ask questions that most people wouldn’t dare to ask.

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EP41 From Trainspotting to Afghanistan - Alexander BongartzHlustað

21. okt 2021

EP 40 The Russian Wedding Singer - Uliana ElinaHlustað

14. okt 2021

EP39 Life after military, Israel vs Palestine now and in the future - Yoav HaruvizepHlustað

10. okt 2021

EP38 The Holocaust, establishing Israel and life in the Kibbutz - Yoav Haruvizepa part 1Hlustað

07. okt 2021

EP37 The Twinless Twin - Eva SochorováHlustað

23. sep 2021