Waterfall heading the wrong way

Screenshot from the video.

The weather in Iceland today was quite windy. That made life a bit difficult for the waterfall Rjúkandi in the south part of the country which had a hard time falling onto the ground as it usually does. Instead it looked more like a hot spring rather that a regular waterfall.

The guide Börkur Hrólfsson was driving past Rjúkandi with a group of tourists when he saw how the waterfall sort of sputtered into the air. "If the wind direction is right then it blows into the air like this," he told mbl.is. "At first this looks like steam from hot springs but then people realise soon that this is a waterfall going into the wrong direction."

This natural phenomenon can be seen in the embedded video below captured by Hrólfsson today.


Iceland Monitor — Fleiri fréttir

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