Scientists evacuate Holuhraun

Scientists working in the Holuhraun area have been called back from the area to a cabin in Drekagil because of increasing volatility in Met Office instruments.

Ármann Höskuldsson, a volcanologist working near the Holuhraun rift, says increased intensity has not been observed in the eruption, which indicates that the activity is hiding somewhere else, possibly under Dyngjujökull glacier.

„The magma is coming from under Bárðarbunga. Even though it is flowing into the dyke, it could just as well retract and come back home. That is why the area can be so dangerous.“

The group of scientists will not go back to Holuhraun until explanations have been found as to what is causing the increased volatility.

The main dangers that scientists face when working around the rift are poisonous gas coming from the eruption, and the constant risk of a jökulhlaup coming from under the glacier.

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