Craters Norðri, Suðri and Baugur

The names of the new craters, Norðri, Baugur and Suðri. …
The names of the new craters, Norðri, Baugur and Suðri. „Nýja gossprungan“ means the "the new rift," and isn't really a given name. Mynd/Jarðvísindastofnun Háskóla Íslands

The craters in Holuhraun have finally been given names. The one furthest north has been named Norðri, the middle one Baugur and the southernmost crater is Suðri. The new rift, south of the original one, has not been given a name.

These names may not be the most creative in the history of naming Icelandic landmarks. In Icelandic, „norður“ means north and „suður“ is south. „Baugur“ is an old Icelandic word for a ring, the word for "ring finger" being „baugfingur“.

The lava-field from the Holuhraun eruption is now 18.6 square kilometers, about a third of the size of Manhattan, and has already reached the glacial river Jökulsá á Fjöllum.

The field stretches 14.5 kilometers from end to end and has stretched the northeast by 420 meters since yesterday afternoon.

The lava field today.
The lava field today. Institute of Earth Sciences
The lavafield on Friday.
The lavafield on Friday. Institute of Earth Sciences

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