Fyrir-og-eftir-myndir segja ekki alla söguna

Teddi Mellencamp segir fyrir og eftir myndir sýna bara eina ...
Teddi Mellencamp segir fyrir og eftir myndir sýna bara eina hlið. skjaskot/Instagram

Raunveruleikastjarnan Teddi Mellencamp hefur ekki alltaf verið í eins góðu formi og í dag. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-stjarnan segist hafa þyngst mikið á tvítugsaldrinum en hætti loks á kúrum og breytti um lífsstíl fyrir nokkrum árum.  

Mellencamp er dugleg að deila fyrir-og-eftir-myndum af sér á Instagram. Við nýjustu samsettu myndina segir hún þó að fyrir-og-eftir-myndir segi ekki allan sannleikann. Hún segir þær sýna bara eina hlið á heilsu og vellíðan fólks. Mellancamp segir að breyttur lífsstíll og heilsa snúist um mun meira en þyngdartap. Sjálf fann hún meira sjálfsöryggi, uppgötvaði leiðir til þess að glíma við kvíða og varð hamingjusamari. 

Mellencamp flutti 17 ára til Los Angeles til þess að slá í gegn eins og svo margir. Eftir heilt ár fékk hún loks umboðsmann og eftir prufu var hringt til baka. Hún fékk ekki starfið en var sagt að grenna sig um tíu kíló. Raunveruleikastjarnan gerði það ekki heldur hélt áfram að þyngjast en hún segist hafa þyngst um rúm 20 kíló bara fyrsta hálfa árið sitt í Los Angeles. 

Eftir að hún eignaðist son sinn sem er nú fimm ára gamall var hún í kringum þriggja stafa töluna. Hún náði aðeins örfáum kílóum af sér eftir fæðinguna. Það var svo fyrir fjórum árum að hún hætti öllum megrunarkúrum og breytti um lífsstíl eins og hún segir á Instagram. 


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Today I turn 38-years-old. Photo on the left: my birthday during one of the many years I was truly struggling with taking care of myself when it came to health and fitness. I remember having to step on the scale at the doctor— and the tears when the doc said, “Teddi, you’re 5’3” and over 200lbs.” The me in that picture would do extreme fad diets, lose a bunch of weight and then gain it all back again. Picture on the right: Now, going into my 38th year with four years of consistent commitment to my lifestyle. Four years years I have been All IN— no yo-yo. And even when I do get a little “wild” (for instance, you may have seen me on #RHOBH in Provence 😂), I have the tools to reel it back in rather than letting myself unravel for week’s worth of choices that don’t work for me. I am grateful that at this age of 38 I now know that healthy living isn’t a diet— it’s a lifestyle. I am so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing team @goallinbyteddi who have also changed their lives and continue to help me stay committed to feeling my best. This support network is invaluable and one of the best gifts I could ask for. Thank you to my team of coaches, clients, family and friends who have gone All IN with me. 38 is gonna be the best year yet.  #thebestisyettocome #allinbyteddi #healthy #committed

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Sure, a before & after is a great way to show one piece of someone’s health and wellness journey. But it isn’t able to give you is the full scope of what has actually been accomplished. That’s why my team and I have created Beyond the Before & After at @goallinbyteddi. Because it is so much more than weight loss. For me, it was finding confidence to build a business, discover ways to deal with my anxiety, and become a happier, more present wife and mother. So while a picture may be worth a thousand words, there are so many worthwhile things a photo just can’t get across. #allinbyteddi #motivationmonday #lifestylechange #notadiet #linkinbio

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I moved to Los Angeles right after high school. I was 17-years-old. I had big dreams of becoming an actress (original, I know). During the day I worked in the CAA mailroom; the evenings as a restaurant hostess. I shared a studio apartment with a girl I met in acting class. After about a year meeting anyone I could, I finally signed with a manager and started auditioning. When I got a callback for a pilot, I thought my life was about to change. And while yes, this moment did change my life forever, it wasn’t in the way I expected. Because when casting called my manager to tell them they loved me but wanted to talk about me losing 20lbs... I was angry. Heart broken. Embarrassed. I carried that chip on my shoulder until I learned how to turn it into positivity. So if anybody has put you down, made you feel less-than, or has you questioning your self-worth, I’m here to tell you: You are beautiful. You are smart. And you are worth feeling your very best. #fbf #1999

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